AYUSH Laboratory Approved

AYUSH Laboratory Approved

Our miraculous range of ayurvedic & herbal hair oil is Ayush (Government Certified Laboratory) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified which assure its effectiveness and quality.

Made With Ayurvedic Herbs

Made With Ayurvedic Herbs

Our natural range of healing hair oil is an amalgamation of mystical herbs carefully made to promote hair growth and prevent all hair-related issues.

Doctor Approved For Your Hair

Doctor Approved For Your Hair

Our herbal and Ayurveda-based hair oil is approved by a team of herbalists and Ayurvedic enthusiasts who understand the right formulation of mystical natural herbs like the back of their hands.

Quality Hair Oil

Quality Hair Oil

Infused with fifteen unique powerful herbs, our top-selling keshna hair oil is highly effective to boost hair’s natural potential without causing any risk of side effects.

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Welcome To Keshna Hair Oil

Men Women Hair Oil Manufacturers

Keshna Products - An Innovative Natural Hair Oil Manufacturing Company

Keshna Products is one of the trusted sources in the domain of ayurvedic and herbal hair oil. Renowned as one of the most eminent Ayurvedic And Herbal Hair Oil Manufacturers In India, we formulate premium quality natural hair oil that meets international quality standards. With years of manufacturing excellence and a dedicated team of herbalists and ayurvedic experts, we blend unique natural herbs for high-performance and best-in-class natural hair oil.

Being one of the most prominent herbal and ayurvedic hair oil manufacturers in India, we strive to meet your manufacturing, supplying and exporting requirements. As an india based natural oil hair oil manufacturing company, we focus on high-quality and completely organic hair oil that not only promotes hair growth naturally but also prevents all scalp and hair-related issues.

With our constant endeavours and highly effective ayurveda and herbal-based hair oil, we have solidified our place as one of the most prominent ayurveda and herbal hair oil manufacturer, supplier and exporter in India.

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Keshna Hair Oil & Its Astonishing Benefits

Keshna Hair Oil is an all-in-one ultra-moisturizing, moisture-rich and natural formulation that’s known to prevent all hair and scalp-related problems.

Natural Hair Growth

Keshna hair oil gives essential nutrition & moisturizes hair that boosts hair growth naturally.

Grows New Hair

Helps to grow new hair through moisturising hair roots.

Prevents Hair Graying

it helps to prevent hair graying through its anti-ageing properties.

Reduce Hair Fall

Reduces hair fall and naturally boosts keratin that prevents hair fall.


Anti-dandruff properties of keshna hair oil help to reduce dandruff naturally.

Boost Scalp Blood Circulation

A natural blend of organic herbs that improves scalp blood circulation & stimulates hair growth naturally.

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