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India’s Leading Ayurvedic Hair Oil Manufacturer & Supplier

We Formulate A Wide Range Of Herbal And Ayurveda Hair Oil That Stimulate Hair Growth Without Causing Any Risk Of Side Effects….!!

Ayurveda is known for its healing and holistic treatment method that provides completely organic treatment for all health conditions and issues we can think of. The same implements to hair-related issues.

Whether you are facing hair growth issues, scalp issues or dandruff, Ayurveda has a wide array of healing and nourishing treatment for hair.

Ayurvedic Hair Oil is one of the most effective organic blends with medicinal properties. From stimulating hair growth to restoring shine and moisture to your hair, to preventing hair-related issues, ayurveda-based hair oil is widely used for its antifungal and antibacterial properties that cure the root cause of your hair issues with no side effects.

At Keshna Products, we formulate a wide range of 100% organic hair oil based on the holistic approach of Ayurveda. With years of experience and manufacturing expertise to formulate a natural blend of healing Ayurvedic hair oil, we have become one of the best Ayurvedic Hair Oil Manufacturers in India (mainly Karnataka).

We formulate our ultra-moisturizing ayurvedic hair oil blend with fifteen organic herbs which are backed by science and astonishingly benefit your hair.

Our team of Ayurveda enthusiasts and herbalists has years of experience in formulating natural oil blend that contributes healthful benefits, enormous nutrition and long-lasting hydration to hair.


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Miraculous Ayurvedic Hair Oil That Organically Replenishes Hair

Our Natural Blend Of Ayurvedic Hair Oil Can Organically Replenishes Hair And Strengthen Faster And Healthy Hair Growth While Preventing Hair And Scalp Relates Issues…!!

Counted among the best-rated Ayurvedic Hair Oil Suppliers in India, we believe in a natural treatment path for hair growth and formulate natural hair oil using natural herbs which promote nourishment, moisture-rich, intensive hair growth organically.

Ayurvedic herbs for the formulation of hair oil include Hibiscus (Gudhal), Bhringraja, Amalaki, Methi, Brahmi, Japa, Lodhra, Manjistha, Amla, Onion Seeds, Fenugreek, Jatamansi, Manukaparni, Sesame oil, Bhimseni Kapur, Aloe vera and neem.

These ayurvedic ingredients not only stimulate new hair growth and instantly add moisture but also strengthen hair and prevent scalp and dandruff issues. In addition, hair oil also promotes hair from environmental damage.

This all-in-one natural hair oil prevents all hair-related issues - formulated by one of the best Ayurvedic Hair Oil Exporters and Manufacturers in India.